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Today BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta held a public darbar at Rajouri and various deputations from the far off villages of Rajouri called on him. These deputations raised their issues and concerns with the MLC and briefed him that as a result of non issuance of Adhar Cards the common man is suffering a lot. Some delegations raised the issue related to non inclusion of genuine poor families in the BPL list. Some delegations from the border villages also shared their various problems being faced by them due to their close proximity with the borders of a hostile nation. These delegations also informed that various sections of society have very high expectations from the present Centre and State Governments and Government functionaries must make all efforts to ensure that their problems are solved on priority.

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Amy has a phobia about hospitals, but she gets a taxi and goes to the nearest hospital. However, Nick is not there, and she meets Lucas, who is also looking for his sister that has disappeared in the same weird circumstance. They decide to team up and search together where the victims might have been interned, while Amy experiences the most bizarre and scary situations. This has literally been driving me nuts for years. After reading about them, I've been able to identify them at various sites.


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Any computer game with a strong story has dif? ulty balancing the tension between narrative and agency. Strong narrative usually results in weak agency, and strong agency can weaken narrative structure. Narrative improvisation, adapting the story based on player reactions, is a dif? ult task for a game designer.


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So our participation in those were happening from the very beginning of their formulation and, you know, has been a resource and support for us from early on, like even before Visual AIDS was Visual AIDS. But then we started—you know, we were—you know, a lot of our identity as artists is also problematic in a lot of ways, because Visual AIDS, at least traditionally, has been by and large driven as visual art. And we're not painters, you know, we're not sculptors. Peter has always been super engaged in photography, you know, would have his photographs as being represented. But then also because we operate curatorially, and as presenters, and as community builders, those echelons of performative behavior start to factor into our participation in things and projects that Visual AIDS does.