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It doesn't play into the main arc and is pretty much the same scene every episode. Death on Game of Thrones is generally shocking, but that was just heartbreaking. Another thing that bugged me, did Euron just leave his boat keys in the ignition. Because you'd think it would be a bit harder than that to steal a globe trotting pirate kings fleet. The only female POV character I can remember dying in the books has been Catelyn.


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Was the showdown in the Dragon’s Pit worth the build up. Add a dash of Peter Dinklage praise and you got yourself the latest episode of Watchers of the Wall. Is Ballers pivoting to become a show about VR porn. Is Spence going to betray his friend, investor, and client Vern. We debate the merits of Arya’s drastic character turn, Snowcean’s 7 unforgettable hike, Dany’s quickening womb, and the White Walker dive squad.