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Gents and hookers, you are free to comment all you want on this post. Looks like affirmative action won't safe you if you choke a pregnant mexicant. Ook waren er nog half naakte Borats in minuscule badpak aanwezig. Een Smeets jenever een Royco-soep maakten immers achteraf veel goed. Het evenement lokte sindsdien meer en meer deelnemers. Ze waren met z’n 6. 00 om in het koude Oostendse water te duiken, een enorm succes dus.

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No severe weather is expected, but some spots could still receive locally heavy rainfall. Should see a break in the showers and storms by mid-morning. There will be another chance for isolated to widely scattered storms late afternoon and Monday morning, but most of us will not see additional rain. The increase in cloud cover will help to knock temperatures down a few degrees for a couple of days, before it heats up again next week. The social network was banned in China in 2009, but has been working since then to find a way to get reintroduced into the country. Colorful Balloons apes Facebook’s Moments app by allowing users to share photos with friends and family members. However, it doesn’ t work through Facebook’s interface but via WeChat, the biggest app in the region, and was released by a local company called Youge Internet Technology.


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Standard Ticket holders should check-in at least 30 minutes before your preferred time. Updated recently it has all modern facilities and is endowed with some beautiful space for large sculpture in the Duveen Galleries. In the Clore Galleries you will find a continuous but frequently changing display of paintings by Turner, from the bequest he made to the Nation of over 300 works. They are a must for all lovers of this great artist. boat trip down the Thames links the two Tates and provides a wonderful panorama of London from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben to St. You alight on the South Bank for the Tate Modern, the famous conversion of the Bankside Power Station (1957-60) which took place during the 1990's to house the 20 C. Apart from the exciting modern collection of paintings, sculptures, and objects, it enjoys from the top floor splendid views over the Thames towards St.


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It takes time, faithfulness, and patience to regain trust. Give them as much of your patience, time, and honesty as you can and talk about this with your counselor. Remember; if they are still in your life at this point they have been patient with you. You may know you are going to remain abstinent, but they have to go by past experiences. Even if you can spend time with them and NOT use, the moment will come when you give in. Regardless of how strong you feel you are, the constant temptation keeps your thoughts on drugs. You cannot resist drugs without thinking about them.


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Everyone else is battling with swords and axes and having sex. Meh? But the season will bring about more believers. I like to think that on set Max was teaching Isaac while the three eyed raven was teaching Bran. Wide-eyed Davos watches him rise and you know the Onion Knight has found a new god to serve. (Seven save the lot of us who were very distracted by someone’s nudity in this scene. Melisandre pops in, looking healthier and happier than ever, and intriguingly refers to Jon as the Prince Who Was Promised.