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She doesn't want to want him, but we all know how that usually works out. Still revered as one of the genre's greatest books of all time, Bronte's story of title character Jane, and her maturing emotions and love for her broody boss Mr. Rochester, is one that readers still have a hard time putting down. In the first of the Bride Quartet novels, wedding photographer Mac Elliot finds herself falling for a bride-to-be's brother, English teacher Carter Maguire. When she finally confronts him, tensions between the two run high, and suddenly, the guy next door doesn't seem so bad after all. Hoang's debut earned a spot as 2018's Goodreads Choice romance.

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The cliff-top talk with Jon and the fireside chat with Dany, when she laments the tendency of 'heroes' (Drogo, Jorah, Daario, and Jon Snow) to do stupid things and get themselves killed, is the spur to Tyrion's idea of the wight hunt. If the mission is successful, then they have something to show Cersei. If not, then possibly both Jon and Jorah will be eliminated, and nobody could suspect a thing. Small wonder he tries so hard to stop Dany flying north. 6. Another thing which has been on Tyrion's mind is the question of who succeeds Dany after her death; she is constantly telling people that she can't have children.


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