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Going back there showed how much the things have changed: even though Jon and Sansa have returned where they belong, nothing else has stayed as it was. I would love to see some moments of them re-establishing their family in the North, negotiating with other houses (would be cool if free folk would be given Umbers’ residence for a new house), interacting with people who were waiting for Starks to return, looking for Bran and Arya. Could we not make the characterisation any more heavy-handed and black and white? (Maybe if he flayed a kitten, while giving the order. . I guess she’s just been standing around and doing nothing for a while since in the previous episode she arrived on Drogon at night. Meanwhile innocents are getting killed and she’s talking about reducing Slaver’s Bay to ashes. Seemed out of character for Dany, I thought she cared about the former slaves. Then we have this silly meeting with the Slavers right in the middle of the battle.

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Watch series one and series two on the BBC's iPlayer. Mark Landis, a prolific art forger, was caught donating his forgeries to museums across the US, and one determined registrar had set out to catch him. Full of tiny twists and turns, at once easygoing and exacting, Art and Craft is a compelling look at what we call art, as well as the life of Landis, who morphs into an unlikely protagonist. However, it’s hard to come away feeling like you know the whole story, and odds are you’ll fall down a rabbit hole of Googling after you’ve finished the documentary. That was until the neo-Nazis moved in, buying up plots all over the place and trying to turn the sleepy town into a haven for white nationalists. Welcome to Leith follows what happens when an insular town is torn apart by one hateful man determined to carve out an ideological enclave in a deeply impoverished corner of America. This documentary, focusing on the music scene in London, examines the pressures of sanitisation, gentrification and rising prices within the creative industries. It takes a look at some of the campaign around saving Fabric, the superclub hit by drug-related scandals in 2016, and interviews figures from all over the industry, from DJ’s, to producers and financiers behind some of the most well known clubs and venues in the city. It offers a glimpse into how one of the world’s largest music scenes has found itself in such turmoil, and demonstrates what it has to lose.


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Lucas, Alan Trever Studio 101 Films Audio Languages English Purchase rights Stream instantly Details When you buy a video, your viewing rights don’t expire, except as detailed in the Terms of Use. Please try again later. Ozzieal 4. out of 5 stars Should have been a 5 star film. When they arrive they find the resort empty, but there are signs of recent occupation. Strangely, things are left that intimate the guests of the resort left in a big hurry, leaving taps running, meals half eaten and other unexplainable situations. The group can't leave as they don't have enough fuel to get back to civilisation. As they investigate, their numbers drop mysteriously one by one. This is a nicely made film - not big budget but a solid story idea (at least in the beginning), good acting and fair pacing.


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Lately her favorite hobby is getting under the skin of her stodgy but hot neighbor every 5 a. . as she's coming in for the night and he's starting his day. Their high rise lobby has become a battleground of sorts and as far as Georgie's concerned, it's game on. It was a toss-up whether you were going to arm-wrestle or just start making out. . Sure, he's attracted to her but surly their differing lifestyles negates any chance of a real relationship. Even if Andrew wanted more from the feisty woman, he has a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It works as well as it does because despite the length, both Georgie and Andrew are given the layers needed to make them believable characters you actually want to root for.


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However, many minor health ailments can be helped by everyday food and items found around the home. It’s a fact that we often overlook, says Dr Rob Hicks, a London-based sexual health doctor and author of Old-Fashioned Remedies: From Arsenic To Gin. These remedies might have not been subject to the rigorous testing that drugs undergo, but they do seem to work. Here, with the help of Dr Hicks and other experts, we look at the home remedies that could ease your particular ailment. MIGRAINES Try: Aloe vera This succulent pot plant found in many homes has myriad uses. Aloe vera contains plant sterols, substances that occur naturally in many plants, vegetables, grains, nuts and fruit that have both cholesterol-lowering properties and are thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect. This latter benefit is why it is often used to help with skin complaints. So you can dehydrate not just through loss of fluids, but also though losing salts. This helps enhance the absorption of the water and the salt.


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. and said he had been approached by two men who followed him into his home. One of the men pulled a knife and attempted to steal the man’s wallet, but he fired several shots at them from a. 2 caliber handgun. Later that evening, police were called to Central Maine Medical Center for a walk-in patient with a gunshot wound. Abdulahi Abdi was treated and released, and then charged with felony robbery. A final decision is expected next week by the 85-member city council. The city has pledged 80 million euros for the construction of the seafront museum, with the Guggenheim Helsinki fund donating the remaining 50 million euros. Guggenheim Foundation announced that Paris-based architects Moreau Kusunoki won a design competition for the museum, which was proposed by the Guggenheim foundation in 2012 after the Helsinki mayor commissioned a feasibility study.


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I was very impressed, I wish the DMV was this efficient. Building was clean, large and well lit and all the employees were attentive and helpful. I'm glad I didn't go into a smaller branch and have this mailed. They said someone was on the way but no one showed for 2 hours, despite the fact that I called repeatedly to ask what the status was and they kept confirming that someone was on the way. Eventually, AAA informed me that the driver got lost, and my wife's father and I ended up replacing the tire ourselves. I called to complain and they told me they were no longer servicing us since we moved out of my original state and that is why no one showed up. I am extremely upset at the fact that they lied about how the driver kept circling around to look for us when in fact they hadn't sent anyone out at all. There is nothing that suggests that the document is official and should be accepted. Quite the opposite.