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. August 1973; Two Acts. Writing Credits: Crane Johnson; Director: Crane Johnson. Lucy suffers from a bizarre illness, much to everyone’s alarm, including her aunt, Mrs. Harker, and husbandto-be, Dr.


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The gift was the capture of Ellaria and her daughter Tyene, alive, to be presented to Cersei. GOT is heavily laden with foreshadowing: it’s one of the script elements the writers do best. There’s a short but emphasized scene wherein Dany tells Varys “If you ever betray me, I’ll burn you alive. There’s a lot of scuttlebutt among fans about who the betrayer is - is it Tyrion, is it Missandei, is it someone less significant. And GOT is good at red herrings, much like Tyrion’s little ploy with Varys, Pycelle, and Littlefinger when he told each of them he was planning to marry off Myrcella to different men - a clever way to discover who was carrying tales to Cersei.


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The extremely popular serial, “The Perils of Pauline”, which debuted in 1914 and made Pearl White a star. There was a time when Pearl was even more popular than “America’s Sweetheart”, Mary Pickford. She had a flair for story telling, and she never let the truth get in her way. She told whoppers about her early life, at one point even telling reporters that there hadn’t been one natural death in her family in three generations and that except for herself, only her mother and one sister remained alive. It’s not clear how, or if, Pearl explained that story to her father and one of her brothers; both still very much alive at the time she told the tale.


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VICTOR LOBL Movie: Braker (1985) Lobl directed episodes of The White Shadow, Knots Landing, Tucker’s Witch, St. Elsewhere, Little House on the Prairie, Max Headroom, Gabriel’s Fire, L. . Law, Northern Exposure, Beverly Hills 90210, and Star Trek: Voyager. Cherbak’s adaptation of Mary Eleanor Freeman’s The Revolt of Mother (1986) on PBS’s American Short Story.