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) and named this solution Mariabackup. MyRocks: Starting with MariaDB 10. . 6 and MariaDB 10. . , Mariabackup will backup MyRocks Storage Engine data.

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Menjelang sore, sedikitnya 2. 00 perempuan, laki-laki, dan anak-anak berkumpul di lokasi parade di perbatasan kedua negara. Sebagian di antara mereka meneriakkan slogan-slogan antiteroris dan jayalah Pakistan. Di India, jumlah penonton yang ikut menyaksikan parade tak sebanyak yang ada di Pakistan. Meski di tengah pengamanan ketat, parade berjalan seperti biasanya. Sedikitnya dua orang sempalan Taliban mengklaim bertanggung jawab atas serangan tersebut.


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Adelman wanted to get his team out of Air Canada Centre before someone else got hurt. Barea suffered in the second quarter after making a baseline layup. “The challenge was finding a dramatic tension that lasted the whole of the evening so that the audience actually cares. The way we do that is that we have taken ourselves, the four of us, trying to do this strange thing, this wonderful task. There is a storyline that goes through the show, about four performers becoming overwhelmed by the task ahead of them. Twenty nine city households have filed a lawsuit against the minor league baseball team, the city and Telstar Display Fireworks Inc.


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Get wired, in-ear buds and earphones and you'll get improved sound quality and no need to ever recharge your headphones. Best multi-room speakers 2019: wireless music in every room via Wi-Fi. Get the best sound quality and maximum multi-room with AirPlay, Chromecast, Sonos, Spotify, DLNA and other exciting codecs. His second solo outing, Must B 21, was released on September 23, 2003. The third album, Songs About Girls, was released on September 25, 2007. While still in high school, Adams and Pineda performed in East L.


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San Francisco’s new diesel buses aren’ t even equipped with decades-old, standard emissions controls. The SFMTA’s decision to test electric vehicles may mean The City is finally moving away from pollution and poles. Horton said Proterra has already successfully demonstrated their vehicles on San Francisco’s streets and hills. Plus, electric vehicles are cheaper, given the financial incentives California offers purchasers of new, clean buses. Of course, if our transit agency continues to drag its wheels, others are ready to give it a push. BART Director Nick Josefowitz, who entered the race to succeed District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell last week, is making runaway climate change a hallmark of this campaign.


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Patients who sustained a regenerate fracture were identified. Results A total of 176 femoral lengthening procedures were performed on 108 patients. Eight regenerate fractures occurred in seven patients (4. %). The mechanism of injury was a fall in five cases and during physiotherapy in three cases. The regenerate fracture occurred a median number of nine days following removal of frame.